About the Project

The Milwaukee Avenue Corridor (MAC) Project is a PACC initiative conceived of and implemented as part of Chicago’s BACP-NBDC program. The goal of the project is to contribute to the commercial revival along Milwaukee Avenue, also known as the city’s Polish Corridor. 

Providing business development assistance and collaborating with partner agencies active in communities along Milwaukee Avenue. The project focus is business attraction, retention efforts and promotion of their special events and other programs.

Special Announcement*

We are excited that via the support and participation of the PACC as a witness of HB5581 introduced by Illinois State Representative Delia C. Ramirez (4th District), this bill has received unanimous support from the IL House Transportation Committee, and it will be reported favorably to the House floor.

Designating Milwaukee Ave as the “Polish Heritage Corridor” will help spur economic development, tourism, and preservation of the corridor’s Polish heritage to share with all.

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Copernicus Foundation

Polish American Association

Portage Park Chamber of Commerce

Six Corners Chamber of Commerce

West Town Chamber of Commerce

Business Resources

Interactive Map of New Businesses Along Milwaukee Ave