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Presently, the Chicago Metropolitan area has the largest and most established Polish community in the world outside of Poland, which includes about 150,000 Polish-born residents, by far the largest European ethnic group of the area. Polish is the third most widely spoken language in Chicago, behind English and Spanish.

As a part of Chicago’s BACP-NBDC program the goal is to intensify its provision of culturally-specific mentorship and assistance to Polish immigrants interested in accessing mainstream business services and support mechanisms offered as part of Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Current Resources: Chicago Labor Laws Educational Resources Information in Polish (Zasoby edukacyjne dotyczące prawa pracy w Chicago)

Below you can find law-specific fact sheets for all Chicago Labor Laws, as well as additional resources focused on Chicago’s Paid Leave and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance.

Poniżej znajdują się arkusze informacyjne dotyczące wszystkich przepisów prawa pracy w Chicago, a także dodatkowe zasoby dotyczące płatnego urlopu i płatnego zwolnienia chorobowego w Chicago.

  • Please read through the Chicago Labor Laws Educational Resources which are offered in English, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Mandarin, as well as Tagalog Information here.
  • Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z materiałami edukacyjnymi dotyczącymi przepisów prawa pracy w Chicago, która są dostępny w języku angielskim, hiszpańskim, koreańskim, polskim, mandaryńskim, i tagalskim. Informacja tutaj.

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