NBDC Cultural Specialist

About the project

Presently, the Chicago Metropolitan area has the largest and most established Polish community in the world outside of Poland, which includes about 150,000 Polish-born residents, by far the largest European ethnic group of the area. Polish is the third most widely spoken language in Chicago, behind English and Spanish.

As a part of Chicago’s BACP-NBDC program the goal is to intensify its provision of culturally-specific mentorship and assistance to Polish immigrants interested in accessing mainstream business services and support mechanisms offered as part of Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Current Resources: B2B Grants Information in Polish

Illinois B2B NewBiz will provide financial relief to businesses that started during the pandemic in the industries most impacted by the pandemic. Businesses that started during the pandemic have not been eligible for state grants and most federal emergency support provided for emergency relief to small businesses thus far.

To qualify for the B2B NewBiz program, businesses must have launched between January 2020 and December 2021 and be in an industry that was particularly impacted by the pandemic (As outlined here), or a business that was started by an individual or individuals that became unemployed during the pandemic.

Applications are open from November 30 through January 11, 2024, and awards are expected to be made several weeks after the deadline date. All eligible applicants will receive a grant as long as the business meets eligibility requirements and submits proper documentation and attestations.

There are also several webinars hosted about the grant:

 For more information, registration and applications please click here.